ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future! What's coming next...

OK! It's been a while, hasn't it?

This is going to be a bit rough and ready, because I'm feeling very In-Between Things right now, and have done for a while. If you pay any attention to anything I do, or are already on my Patreon, you'll notice that I've begun posting there and using that site much more frequently.

In fact, I've moved over there permanently.

This is a bit all over the place, because two years ago I left Patreon and moved here. Back then, Patreon wasn't the best platform if what you wanted to do was write a newsletter. I could be on Substack (I do have a Substack), but again, that's a tricky thing. It's hard to know what platform to use because everything changes so frequently.

And I keep changing my mind about things, too. My situation keeps changing.

So, here's the thing: I am moving back to Patreon and shutting down this Ghost-hosted site.


1. Well, I've lost one of the three jobs I use to support myself in the world and I can't afford Ghost's fees. Right now, I pay for World Anvil and Ghost and can really only justify one. World Anvil is my Amnapedia, it's where I build all kinds of things to do with Amnar and Five Empires. Ghost charges up-front costs, but Patreon takes a percentage of my earnings there, so as long as I'm finding it hard to muster the funds for upfront costs, it makes sense to shift.

2. Ghost has limited functionality at this level. If I want more functionality, I have to pay more. When I left Patreon, it was quite tough to be a blogger there. The tools weren't ideal. However, in the last two years they've made it substantially easier to put up posts, organise systems so they aren't a total mess (the tagging system was a nightmare; collections are so much more sensible), and post videos.

Sidebar: I got into videos accidentally but I've been really enjoying them and want to do more of them. Ghost only allows you to put up a certain length/size of video depending on your payment level. Patreon has now made it possible to do videos through both YouTube and privately for Patrons only through Vimeo. This makes it substantially easier to make video content and put it up, then categorise it.

I've also started livestreaming on Twitch. Again, the functionality on Patreon for those long-form videos is much better. It's much easier to control access levels and how many people you have at each subscriber level (not that this is currently an issue).

I also need to make some kind of decision about where I put myself. Looking at what other people are doing, it seems far more common to have most of your content funnelling into Patreon. This may change in the future. Ghost seems to be the best place for you if you plan to do mostly newsletter-style content each week to a dedicated reader base, rather than the kind of odd, hodge-podge that I'm doing.

A personal update:

I have been, in all honestly, all over the place this year. The start of the year was terrible, and I got horribly burned out. I feel like I'm bouncing back and forth between a thousand different options and don't know which path to take. February was especially difficult. Because I was trying to balance three different jobs, and my brain is not even that good at just one, I began to struggle to do any editing work. The place I got the work from changed in terms of reliability and ethos and I was uncomfortable working for them, too.

That's a whole other story.

At the end of February, when I had far less marking to do and things calmed down a bit, I discovered I could apply for the John Rylands Visiting Fellowship, so I've put together a whole proposal for that and submitted it. I've applied for a stopgap third job for the summer, and now I'm doing some kind of in-house Grant Development thing which might help me put together a digital exhibit of the John Rylands' collection of magical papyri.

This week is especially big. I'm in between two hands-on sessions learning how to use online tools for digitising and working with the special collections in different ways. It's "big" because this is the point at which I find out if I can actually work on this project. However, it's also "big" because I find doing activities like this especially challenging. Going onto campus is tough, being on campus is tough, and sitting in a warm room learning how to use new software during my dip-point for the day is also tough.

My autistic, chronically-ill brain is not built for these kinds of environment. I know it's worth doing (or, at least, I hope it is), but for now it's just a bit overwhelming. I'm also waiting for yet more marking to come through.

There is one other thing to talk about here. Remember how I spent all last year doing this "52 Weeks of Writing" thing that never went anywhere? Well, I've actually gone back to the drafts I did in 2003–5 and seriously going through them. They need a lot of revision in terms of the background world-building and the writing, but there's a lot there that might actually be worth saving. 

Basically, all I'm doing is reading through and moving the chapters out of Scrivener and into other places like World Anvil, Obsidian, and 4TheWords, so I can more easily capture all the world-building, characters and everything else from there. I'm also doing more background preparation, based on the flaws I can see right now, to see if I can't put that out in the world.

So, if you want to join me for that and you're not already on the Patreon, you can sign up here FOR FREE. I haven't updated the tiers since I first set it up, but I will have to work on that once I know what content I'm actually going to put up there. For now, this will give you access to all The Bone Moth episodes, round-up videos and live streams. 

If not, thank you very much for reading my rambling for the last however long it's been, and for all the support you've given. It means the world to me.