Diary 2: The Week That Wasn't

Diary 2: The Week That Wasn't
Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanovic / Unsplash

Aaaand that didn't work out at all.

I had a whole plan, didn't I? I was going to set up a new system for August, and follow it through to make sure I kept working on Amnar while giving myself a bit of a break.

That... sort of happened.

But also, it sort of didn't.

Rest and Recuperation

That was the thing I really didn't consider, back when I signed up for the World Anvil Summer Camp. That doing that, in the middle of getting my PhD corrections back, working a new freelance job, going to visit family, going to visit friends, coping with being autistic, was rough.

I needed a rest.

A real rest.

Last week, that was what I did.

Me, last week.

I did do a bit of freelance editing, I led a couple of coaching classes. The rest of the time, I read a book, and watched YouTube videos.

Because sometimes, that's what you need to do.

Now, though. Now things are kicking off.

T starts his new job today (yass!). I'm starting a copywriting course so I can write better newsletters here, and generally improve the way I communicate in words.

I'm also freelance-academic-editing, as every day, learning to code.  I'll try to put in an hour or so of corrections on the PhD as well.

I have some other plans to share as well, some of which are already underway, but I want to write about them in detail so you know what's going on.

The Great Retcon

I'm kinda retconning Amnar. Kinda. Not hugely, but there are things that, looking back after nearly thirty years of world-building and writing, that need to be changed. Updated.

This works on two levels.

The first is the easier level. Thinking through Amnar and the way it works. What the "magic" allows them to do. This is the exciting kind of retconning, where I get to be creative and use my imagination to come up with strange technologies that are magic and technological.

The second requires more thought. For the longest time, I've had thoughts about The Execution, some of the narrative, in the light of the things that have happened in the last ten years. That really deserves its own post, in order to express my thoughts properly.

So, look out for all that in the next few weeks. And hopefully these posts will start to sparkle as my copywriting skills improve.